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Choosing the best concrete moisture meter

Not catching the moisture content of concrete early on can cause several problems later when they are much harder to solve. Besides discoloration such as calcium deposits, moisture in concrete can cause delamination. These issues, along with concrete block shrinkage, causes costly re-works that could have been prevented with a concrete moisture meter.

Many concrete floor coverings require the concrete to be properly dried prior to the addition of the coverings. Covering materials are sensitive to moisture content. Vinyl composites, carpets with rubber backing, wood and linoleum laminates, etc., require a dry slab prior to their installation. Since time is usually of the essence when wishing to apply the coverings, the slab must be cured properly to avoid problems such as adhesive delamination. Spray applied curing compounds can potentially contaminate the slab surface and would adversely affect the adhesive properties. Impervious plastic or paper sheeting is the preferred curing method allowing fast curing that will not adversely affect the covering adhesion. When removed within a week or less, early drying is achieved without risk of contamination of the concrete surface and consequent adhesive performance degradation.

Portable moisture meters are essential for determination of proper timing for the removal of the curing coverings. Finna Group’s line of portable meters, including the Model A8: All-Purpose Moisture MeterModel B: Concrete Moisture Meter and Model DA-8 Digital Moisture Meter meet these crucial needs.

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