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In-Process Moisture Measurement for Forest Products

To learn more about our end-to-end line of integrated moisture measurement systems for the lumber industry, please visit our SCS Forest Products by Finna Group page or watch the video below to see a product line overview.


Handheld Wood Moisture Meters

Owning and using a handheld wood moisture meter, and knowing its use in determining wood’s equilibrium moisture content, is an inexpensive way for carpenters to predict and avoid wood movement problems that could require costly repairs. Seasonal changes in humidity cause wood trim and flooring to expand in summer and shrink in winter. With the use of an accurate handheld wood moisture meter, and some understanding of the principles of wood movement, these problems can be largely avoided.  As humidity increases, wood, being hygroscopic, will pick up moisture content from the atmosphere and expand. As humidity decreases, the opposite will occur. If the moisture content of the installed wood is too high, shrinkage will occur. This would introduce defects in the workmanship such as gaps and cracks. If the moisture is too low, the wood will pick up moisture content, expand, and distort, buckle, or bow.

Finna Group manufactures several portable lumber moisture meters that allow suppliers and carpenters to know the exact wood moisture content.  These are the Model 9XDC: Wood & Plaster Moisture Meter, DC-2000 and DC-2000-C Wood Moisture Meters, DC-2011: Cork Moisture MeterL: Lumber Moisture Meter, LG: Drywall Moisture Meter and V: Veneer Moisture Meter.  Proper use of these meters will further the user’s ability to avoid these quality control problems.

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