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Near-Infrared spectroscopy (0.8 micron to 2.5 micron) has long been used in many pharmaceutical and chemical applications. These include: Fluid-bed granulation and drying, agglomeration, tablet compaction and coating, blending, and moisture content of raw materials. Granule moisture content is critical to tablet quality as it relates to its intended purpose. Moisture contents that are too high may result in transfer of some granule particles to the compression molds and thereby affect the tablet quality (appearance and efficacy). Low moistures may result in tablet delamination. Finna Group provides a variety of solutions, on line, for the laboratory and portable moisture meters, that can solve moisture issues in chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Online Chemical & Pharmaceutical Moisture Sensor

On line, real-time moisture measurement is afforded by the Model SMART III NIR moisture sensor that provides a 4-20ma output control feedback loop, allowing PLC changes in fluid-bed or spray dryer temperatures or product flow rates. Optimizing these parameters result in decreased production costs (including analytical time), and optimize material throughput.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Lab Moisture Analyzer

Finna Group also provides the Model MCPC laboratory moisture analyzer for instantaneous moisture results in the lab or at the process line.  The Model MCPC is also quite useful for gelatin capsule moisture measurements.  Capsules that ore too dry often crack and splinter, thereby releasing their contents.  Capsules that are too wet can shrink causing additional leakage.

Portable Chemical & Pharmaceutical Moisture Meter

The Model DG-9 RF probe-type hand held moisture meter is also an invaluable tool for instant moisture analysis in applications where portability is required. These might include measurements in super sacks, bins, barrels, hoppers, or silos.

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