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Powder-Bulk Solids Moisture Meters - Finna Group Powder-Bulk Solids Moisture Meters - Finna Group

The product quality of many manufacturing processes often depends on the products water content since this is typically the bottleneck of the production process. It is imperative that the factory utilize an on line moisture analyzer to monitor the drying conditions. This would assure maximum product flow rates, reduced lab work, lower production costs, less rework, and optimal gas or electricity usage. Too much or too little water in some cases would influence powder flow, compaction, dissolve rates, and particle structure and stability. Moisture can also influence the chemical and physical properties of individual active ingredients. It is also important to be able to measure the products moisture content without contact with the measuring sensor and for the measurement to be independent of material characteristics such as particle size, shape, color, temperature, density, or distance to the sensor. The Finna Group Model SMART III NIR on line moisture analyzer meets all of these requirements and more.  Laboratory Moisture Analyzers (Model MCPC) and hand held moisture meters (Model DG-9) are also a part of the Finna Group arsenal such that all phases of the manufacturing process are supplied with the appropriate moisture detection device.

Each manufacturing process can be accommodated:  belt, screw, vibratory, bucket, chutes, and pneumatic conveying systems are all subject to on line NIR or RF moisture measurement. Output control signals are a standard feature that permits the plants PLC or DCS to accept the meters output signal and adjust the product flow rates, dryer temperatures, dampeners, etc. to achieve optimal and continuous targeted moisture levels, thereby making Finna Group’s on line moisture meters an invaluable and indispensable production process tool.

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