Upgrade Sawmill Sorter with the Transverse Hybrid Sawmill System

Introduction Finna Sensors introduced its Transverse Hybrid Sawmill system in the winter of 2018. It is in use in multiple mills across North America to optimize the sorting process with moisture content and weight, to maximize grade recovery. The Sawmill Hybrid system combines the MCPRO1500 Non-Contact and the Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter to offer accurate … Continued

Process and quality control for industrial painting lines

Introduction Finna Sensors™ has developed a solution to help industrial paint lines for a variety of applications including lumber, cladding, engineered wood, doors, windows and decorative moldings. It is an industry that has grown rapidly as builders seek pre-primed and pre-painted material for faster construction projects. As the industry has grown to meet this demand, … Continued

Moisture sensor key in starch production

  Finna Sensors, through its acquisition of AquaMeasure and Moisture Register Products, has been working with starch producers for 30+ years, as the process requires careful control of moisture content. In particular, plants must monitor the moisture of starch in process silos as well as in de-watered cakes coming out of the centrifuges (before they … Continued

Lumber strength grader certified at 260 lugs per minute

  Finna Sensors is happy to report that its supplier, Dynalyse SE, has successfully developed and installed its next-generation Precigrader, a 260 lugs per minute (lpm) acoustic strength grading system, at a mass timber manufacturing facility in the United States. This particular application measures incoming lumber packs on the sort line, prior to the cross-laminated … Continued

Moisture system installations at Mass Timber (CLT) producers

Mass Timber Industry Overview Mass Timber receives a lot of media attention these days with new buildings planned all over the United States and the rest of world. By its nature, mass timber products are more eco-friendly. If sourced appropriately, renewable wood materials replace carbon intensive steel and concrete in the construction of residential and … Continued

Finna Group is now Finna Sensors

With the start of the new decade, Finna Group is making some of the most significant changes in our history. When we acquired AquaMeasure/Moisture Register Products in 2015, the Finna Group name was formed to unify all of the brands that the company held. Just like our products, our company continues to evolve. We are … Continued

Five ways all-season Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter improves output

If you’re responsible for navigating the economic payback and ROI of technology improvements at the mill level, then you’re balancing the needs of your budget against current Canadian lumber markets. When those markets are volatile, your balancing powers can get a real workout! To help meet that need, we offer Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter. It … Continued

SCSFP showcasing updated technology at Timber Processing & Energy Expo

SCSFP by Finna Group is dedicated to continuous innovation for our moisture control systems to drive bottom-line results for our customers. Our goal is to make the manufacturing process as seamless and effective as possible, and our new technology continues to improve that vision. We are exhibiting our innovative updates at the Timber Processing & … Continued

SCSFP sponsor of SLMA Conference in Colorado

SCSFP by Finna Group will attend the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturer’s Association (SLMA) Annual Conference from July 18-21. This year’s conference takes on a special meaning as it is set to take place in Beaver Creek, Colorado, our home state. We have decided to honor this occasion by being a Silver-level sponsor of the Friday night … Continued

Moisture Content Measurement for Powder and Bulk Solids

Join us April 24 – 26 at the 2018 International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference and Exhibition Show, Booth #2615 For more than 20 years, Moisture Register Products and AquaMeasure had been a staple at the International Powder and Bulk Solids Conference in Rosemont, IL. This year we are proud to be attending again and, in addition, will … Continued

Finna Group at Frac Sand Conference

Join Finna Group (Booth #15) at the 2018 North American Frac Sand Conference – the show delivers the most up-to-date market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest from the frac sand market. It will be held at the Houston Hilton Post Oak from February 26-27 in Houston, TX. To learn more, go to frac-sand-conference.com. With regards … Continued

Update: Finna Group’s future into 2018

A letter from Finna Group President Patrick Youssi Finna Group has realized another record year in fiscal 2017, demonstrating the strong competitive position of the company in its key markets. Since the acquisition of AquaMeasure/Moisture Register Products in 2015, the company has seen impressive growth as customers take advantage of our unique, and growing, set … Continued

SCSFP introduces Europe and hardwood in-kiln moisture meters

Using industry-proven technology, the KilnScout Wireless in-kiln moisture meter allows your operation to control dry kilns from direct moisture content readings. This in-kiln system eliminates the need for costly hot checks by shutting down confidently at target moisture content. The result is improved grade recovery, reduced energy costs and increased throughput. SCS Forest Products by … Continued

Finna Group exhibiting at ADM Toronto

Finna Group will be exhibiting at Advanced Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Expo Toronto which brings the leading advanced manufacturing events — Automation Technology Expo (ATX), Design & Manufacturing, PACKEX, PLAST-EX, and Powder & Bulk Solids (PBS) — together under one roof. That roof will be the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, ON, Canada from May … Continued

SCSFP presents green sorting benefits to OWIC workshop

Finna Group was recently invited to present for the Oregon Wood Innovation Center at the “How to Dry Lumber for Quality and Profit” Workshop. The primary topics were a green sorting case study and SCSFP by Finna planer meter preventive maintenance techniques. More specifically, the new and seasoned lumber professionals in attendance learned about how: … Continued

SCS Forest Products re-branding under Finna Group

President Patrick Youssi writes a letter to SCS Forest Products customers about acquiring Moisture Register, re-branding under Finna Group umbrella Dear SCS Forest Products Customers, The last year was a momentous one for SCS Forest Products. In July of 2015, we purchased Moisture Register Products (also known as AquaMeasure) based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Like SCSFP, Moisture Register … Continued

Food Moisture Measurement – IFT16

Join us July 16-19 at the 2016 IFT16 Annual Meeting and Food Expo, Booth #2077 Moisture content in food affects taste, texture, appearance and shelf life, making it an essential element to control in the production process. Finna Group’s moisture measurement products are important tools in controlling key areas of production. They help ensure your finished … Continued

Welcome to the Finna Group website!

If you’ve landed here, don’t worry – you’re in the right place. As you can read on our About page, Finna Group is a combination of AquaMeasure, Moisture Register, NMI and SCS Forest Products. Since we’ve made an investment in uniting these knowledge bases, we’ve also invested in creating a great user experience for you on the … Continued