Finna Group offers a wide range of portable moisture meters to meet most any industry’s moisture measurement needs. These meters provide instantaneous moisture results without the need for time-consuming gravimetric oven moisture analysis, thus enabling timely machine adjustments.

DC Resistance Moisture Meters (Pin Meters)

Finna Group’s line of meters such as Models DC-2000, DC-2000-BP, DC-2011, and 9XDC work on the conductivity principle whereby two metal probes (needle type) are inserted into the measured product and current flow is measured between the probes. The probes are typically inserted into the product a several different locations in order to determine the average moisture content. These meters are used on products such as wood, wine bottle cork stoppers, or other mostly cellulose-based materials. They are also of great utility for other moisture testing jobs such as locating dry rot (pockets of unusually high moisture content), or testing before painting on wood, plaster, etc.

Pinless Moisture Meters

Other Finna Group portable meters use the principle of Capacitance (Dielectric or Power Loss) measurement. A capacitor is a device which can store energy when an electrical difference exists between its two plates. The capacitor plates are built-in to each of the Finna Group portable meters due to the design of the contacting sensors. This can be the rollers on the Model AM-III, spring loaded buttons on the Models A, B, N and L, or the concentric circle spacing of the flat plate Models T and V. The Model DG-9 has its two plates as the insulated tip of a stainless steel probe and the barrel of the probe.

Since water has a dielectric constant considerable higher than any other material, even a small amount of water in a product will cause the combination dielectric constant to increase substantially. Finna Group’s capacitance meters can easily recognize this increase in water content and are programmed to display the result in direct reading percent moisture content.

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