In-Kiln Stainless Steel Plates (Set of 2)

Pair of stainless steel plates for both the KilnScout and Wired In-Kiln System that provide the charge field. One has key stock (positive charge) and the other does not (negative charge).

This product has elements of customization. Please call 720-963-6500 for more details.

Keypad Complete

Durable keypad that allows user input of kiln charges and bundles tracking for Finna Group’s transverse (MC Pro 2400) and inline (MC Pro 2500) planer moisture systems.

MC Pro 2000 Relay Board

Digital-enabled, time-cycled, switch that provides readings from Wired In-Kiln System (MC Pro 2000) to software.

Paint Tank with Fittings

2.25 gallon stainless steel pot has dual regulators and air-powered agitator. Removable inner tank for easy clean-up. Max 80psi

Much like the 2.25 gallon variation, the 5 and 10 gallon industrial-grade pressure pots come with air regulators and air-powered agitators and are ideal for larger painting jobs. Removable inner stainless steel liner for easy clean-up. Max 50psi

Painter System

Paint Gun and either 2.25 Gallon, 5 Gallon OR 10 Gallon Paint Tank with fittings that allows user to mark specific boards based on moisture content

Rabbit Card

Real-time embedded processor for the Transverse Planer Moisture System (MC Pro 2400) and the Inline Planer Moisture System (MC Pro 2500) firmware.

*Important Note:
To ensure correct product, enter both Application Version AND System Version in the Order Notes on the Checkout page. With your software open, this can be attained by going to Help>Home…

  • Under the “Software” heading – What is your Application Version?
  • Under “System” heading- What is your Version?

Instructional Video:
How to set the initial default settings for the rabbit card

RS-232 to RS-485 Serial Converter

The RS-232 to RS-485 Serial Converter for the KilnScout converts a full-duplex RS-232C port to a half-duplex two-wire RS-485 port. A built-in data direction auto-turnaround feature automatically enables the RS-485 driver when data is present from the RS-232 port, eliminating the need for software drivers, and making the device fully plug-and-play. The unit is enclosed in a rugged ABS housing, and is powered from the RS-232 data lines; no external power is required. This converter operates from 300 to 115,200 bps.

Stainless Steel Plier Type Clips

Stainless steel plier clips rated for 50 amps, with a jaw that opens to 1.13″ (29 mm), for use with both the KilnScout and the Wired In-Kiln System (MC Pro 2000). The dimensions are as follows: L – 2.88″ (73 mm); W – .48″ (12 mm); H – 2″ (51 mm)