Model A8-AF: Radome Moisture Meter


Aircraft radome integrity is critical to the performance of today’s sophisticated radar transmissions.  Moisture that collects in the honeycomb cells cause damage that degrades radar operation. The A8-AF is a proven, reliable and simple handheld radome moisture meter used by aircraft maintenance facilities to detect this moisture.  In fact, over 900 meters have been sold to hundreds of service centers throughout the world, including those that support the largest commercial airliners and military branches.

Option 115 VAC for North America, South America, Japan
Option 220 VAC for Australia, Europe and most of Asia

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The Model A8-AF radome moisture meter consists of two basic components: the electrode sensor and the metering unit. These components are connected by a 2’8″ cable attached with interchangeable push-in connectors. The separate electrode sensor permits testing in remote areas, and the simple operating procedures allow the Model A8-AF to be used by both technical and non-technical operators.

Equipped with a special direct reading, colored comparator scale calibrated for radomes, the Model A8-AF provides quantitative readings of Good, Fair, Poor, or Unacceptable radomes. The meter also has a low battery charge indication in the form of meter zero drift.

The Model A8-AF radome moisture meter is a direct replacement for the Model AFK2D which was the accepted instrument for many years in the aircraft industry for measuring moisture content of radomes.

Click the link to see an Industry Spotlight of the effects bad radome can have on aircraft and how the A8-AF solves the issue.

Key Features:

  • The Model A8-AF Radome Moisture Meter indicates the moisture pockets in aircraft radomes by measuring the radio frequency dielectric power loss of material in contact with the electrode sensor. The RF power loss absorption principle is a patented feature of all Finna Group products.
  • Direct reading, colored comparator scale for instantaneous indication of moisture
  • Spring-loaded electrode buttons allow nondestructive testing of irregular or curved surfaces
  • Comes with electrode, rechargeable batteries, battery charger, carrying case and operating instructions
  • Completely tested and approved by the United States Air Force
  • Federal Stock Number 6635-01-017-1694

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115 VAC, 220 VAC