SCSFP presents green sorting benefits to OWIC workshop

Oregon Wood Innovation Center - Green Sorting
Finna Group was recently invited to present for the Oregon Wood Innovation Center at the “How to Dry Lumber for Quality and Profit” Workshop. The primary topics were a green sorting case study and SCSFP by Finna planer meter preventive maintenance techniques. More specifically, the new and seasoned lumber professionals in attendance learned about how:

  • Over- and under-drying lumber is a common lumber industry challenge impacting grade recovery and product integrity
  • Variation in green moisture content contributes to the difficulty in achieving target standard deviation levels and creates unnecessary grade loss. E.G. Western Hemlock green moisture content can range from 55 -143%.
  • By moisture sorting pieces at the sawmill, charges can be optimized with homogeneous product and reduce both drying time and grade loss.
  • Green sorting has a significant effect on drying schedules and final moisture content distribution

To learn more about green sorting or how SCSFP by Finna Group can optimize your lumber mill’s production, feel free to reach out to Chris McCasky (USA) or John Wallace (Canada) via the Finna Group contact page.